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***This ford sign is dedicated to my Dirty Hummel Nick***


      Hey!  I'm Nicole, and this is my website!  Feel free to look around and snoop.  Oh, and don't mind all the bad spelling!  Enjoy! 

*~Sign My G-Bookie!~*

.:~*!Mitchell Seinor High's OUT OF SCHOOL WAHOO!!*~:.
Kara- Hey!  How's DV goin?  Good I hope. 
Amber-  Hey, Hows Vermillion goin?  Wow everyones moving. 
Josh-  Hey hows EP?  I'm sure its still boring as ever. 
St-Lunatic - Hey dirty hummel!  NICE WEBSITE  (it's http://st-lunatic.tripod.com if anyones wondering) 
Steeger- My face is up here, Chris!  (lol) I......taste like a booger, but I look like a worm.  I bet you've never seen a booger that can squirm.  I'll be there when you sneeze, I'll be there when you cough..cause I'm stuck on your finger and you can't shake me off!  Repete until victum is annoyed..(Chris's personal theme song right there..lol)   ANWAYS I'm keeping that there again cause it just fits you so perfectly!!!  ******Holy cow your really tall now and it scares me!! 
Matt J-  Hey
Andy G- HEY!!  Hows California?  Good I hope!  Don't go chasing TOO many girls now!!  Oh, dont forget that zapper when the girls wont lay off you either!  Keep the faith!! 
Rafchel- Aerobics rocks. 
Kerry -   Wow I hardly see you at all anymore.  Hows school?
Katelyn-  Wow thank god Debates almost ever!   
Ashely T.-  I need to remember to give you back those pics some day!!
Jessica K-  Haha your so funny when you Debate.  "9 out of 10 Carribeau agree"
Dan- Hey dan!  Your drawings are really nice!  You should think about entering a contest someday!!
Veronica- Wow where did you go to?
Rachel S- Your too smart! 
Jessica- I'm spartigus!!!!  (only smart people know who spartigus is!) 
Zachariah Warnockers- So hows life?  Stay away from those drugs buddy.  haha jk.  no im serious.
Erica- I hope your liking EPJ so far!  (it kinda blows huh?  I thought so too) 
Genevieve- So hows life?
Nate L.-  Maybe secretly your superman.  I guess we'll never know. 
Jason B.-  So hows your knee.
!*If your not on here its either one of two things:  I forgot you or you made me mad and i took you off." 
And always remember:
*Happiness is like peeing your pants...everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth!*


Despite popular belief, that is not me on top of some random guy...