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About Me I

:-:-:All about me:-:-:

*I'm just an average girl with below average capabilities*     
       Hey!  I'm Nicole.  Here's a lil' about me.  I am 15 years old.  My birthday is April 18th.  I am about 5'3".  I have blonde hair, and blue eyes.  My favorite color is purple, and my favorite number is 6.
       I also have lots of nick-names. Here are some: Blue Eyes, Colie-o, Cole, Coley, Nikki(I HATE THAT ONE!!), Miss Pribs, Blondie, Pribil, Pribs, Lil' Pribs, Cover Girl, or just Nicole.  Thats about it I think... 
      My favorite sport has to be Volleyball.  I love playn' the sport, and watchn' it.  I'm pretty good at it I guess, but I'm a little out of tune with it tho.  But when I get into playn' it again, it all comes back.
     I love Football season.  I don't really like playn' it, unless I'm just with a couple of my friends.  I'm not real good at it either.  The whole tackling me thing doesn't really fly with me.  I love watchn' Football games tho, and cheern' on my team.  (Or the other team...I trade on and off when I have friends on both sides)  The best part about football games is meeting new people and laughing at the ones you dont like when they mess up on a play.  (I know...I'm mean, but hey, its fun)
     I also like going to track meets, and basketball games.  I'm not in either most of the time tho.  I hate running, and I suck at basketball.  It's a lot more fun watching the other people mess up than people watching you mess up...
     Oh, and you can't forget about Baseball games in the summer.  Its so fun goin' to them, and checkn' out the guys on the other team!  But that's only when I dont have a boyfriend. (lol....)



~*!Kiss Kiss!*~


A Kiss blown is a kiss wasted,
and the only kind of a kiss
is a kiss tasted.
Kisses spread germs,
and germs are hated.
So, Kiss me baby!
I'm Vaccinated!

Here is a list of some of my Favorites:

Here is my top 5 fav. Scary movies:
5. Final Destionation 2 
4. When Darkness Falls
3. Final Destionation
2. The Haunting
1. The Ring (seven days...)

My top 23 Songs that are fun to listen to:
23.  Loose it by Eminem
22. Drop it like its hot by Snoop dog...i dont really like it i just think it sounds funny.
21. "I Wonder" by Diffuser
20. "She is beautiful" by Andrew W. K.
19. "Hero" By Chad Kroeger
18. "Crazy for this girl" by Evan and Jaron
17. Without me" by Eminem
16. "Whats my age again?" by Blink 182
15. "Ride with me" by Nelly
14. "Be my Girl" by JET
13. "Baby one more time.." Intro From Freaky Friday by Bowling for Soup 
12. "All Down Hill" by New Found Glory
11. "I hate (everything about you)" by Three days grace
10. "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down
9. "Love me when I'm gone" by Three Doors Down
8. "Bring me to life" by evenasence...(thats not how you spell it.. i know it)
7. "Thriller" by Michel Jackson (haha, did you hear what he did??)
6. "I believe in a thing called love" by The Darkness
5. "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard
4. "All the small things" by Blink 182
3. "Feeling this" by Blink 182 
2. "Stacey's Mom" by Foutians of wayne
1. Only one by Yellowcard