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About me II

:-:-:More About Me:-:-:

        My buds right now are Josh, Amber, Kara, Steeg(chris), Dirty hummel (nick), Autumn, Genevieve, Erica. (MHS peoples are->) Alicia, Rachel K., Kerry M., Katelyn, Jessica K., Ashley T., Veronica, SIMON (I MISS YOU!)....Oh, I'm a Sophomore in high school.  (Rock on!!!) 
        I have one older sister, Jessica, who's almost 18.  My Mom's name is Mom, and my dad's name is Dad. (lol...I had to)  I have one cat, whose name is Pepper...but my sister calls her Squirrel cause of her tail,(its so cute and puffy!) and I call her Pepsi, just because.  I love her so much! I also have a dog named Butters whos part Shiz Sue (Spelling?) and Lapa Oso. 
       When I'm bored, I listen to HOT 104.7, chat on MSN or yahoo (sometimes), talk on the phone with people.  In the summer I GO CRUSING AROUND IN RAFCHELS PIMP MOBILE! and have LOTS of water wars.  In the winter, means I'm usually stuck inside being bored, I write storys, draw pictures, watch TV (spongebob!!), paint my nails, pop in a movie or rent one...or go riding around looking for guys haha.
       I love going to parties, or just hangn' with my friends watching a movie, or playing Truth or Dare, specially Truth or Dare Jinga! 
      I am also the one every one trusts, like with secrets and stuff like that.  People like to come to me for everything!  Boys in my grade ask me for answers on papers alot too.  HA They think im smart?!?
       Well thats about it, so ttyl!!

My Top 6 favorite colors
6. Yellow
5. Green
4. Blue
3. Pink
2. Orange
1. Purple!!
My Top 5 Favorite Bands (No order!)
5. Yellow Card
4. Three Days Grace
3. Three doors down
2. Good Chorlette
1. Simple Plan
Top 5 Favorite Shows (No order!)
4. Simpsons
3. Room Raiders
2. South Park
1. That 70's Show
The funnest people to make fun of (haha) (no order either!)
5. David D.
4. Jon
3. Dirty Hummel
1. Josh R.
My Top 3 favorite languages  (ha I know spanish and english!)
3. Spanish
2. French
My Top 3 people I hate the most
3. Mean Preps (self explainitory)
2. Jimmy

*La     La     La     La     La     La     La     La     La     La*