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Otha Stuffz!

      Here's some stupid servay thingy I did that has a bunch of crap about me!  So if your REALLY bored, read on!

*-:-* GENERAL INFORMation *-:-*

First Nicknames: Name: Nicole

Birthdate: April 18th

Astrogical Sign: Aries

Height: 5' 2 (yeah yeah, laugh it up people!!) 

Hair Color: blonde

Eye Color: blue

Coley, cole, blue eyes, Blondie, "Hey, you over there!", nikki, Nicole, cover girl, lil pribs, miss pribs...ETC! 

Birthplace: Yankton, SD 

Contacts/Glasses: Contacts

Piercings/Tatoos: pierced ears

Lefty/Righty: Righty

Hobbies/Pastimes: music, hanging out with friends, talking alot

Pet Peeves: When you talk to people, but they ignore you, and chewing with their mouth open, and when people just stare at you for no reason.

Shoe Size: 7

School You Attend: MHS

Grade You Are In: FrEsHmAn in High School!!!!!!

>>*-:-* FAVORITES *-:-*

Color: Purple

School Subject: Physical Science, Careers, Gym, Vocal, and lunch!

Scary Movie:"The Ring"

Actor: Shane West or Ashton Kutcher, oh and Devon Sawa

Actress: Khristen Dunst, Riese Witherspoon, and Julia Stiles

Female Singer: No one really..

Male Singer: Usher

Song: MilkShake,  and Hold on by Good Charlotte 

Quote: "Nicole is hot"

Season: Spring

Drink: Coca~Cola

Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla

Restaurant:  I'm more of a fast food person 

Magazine: Seventeen, Teen, or YM, Cosmic Girl

Radio Station: HOT 104.7 

Cologne/Fragrance: , Sensual (it smells like roses!)

Article of Jewelry: necklaces, earrings, anklets, braceletsECT...(I'm big on jewerly) 

Flower: Lilacs, Roses

Vacation Spot: Somewhere near the Ocean (or at least a pool!!)









P.S.  I bet you can't lick your elbow!  Its physically impossible.

















.............you tried licking your elbow, didn't you?
















....heh heh..


*-:-* THIS OR THAT *-:-*

Short or Tall?: tall

Loud or Quiet?: Both, as long as they know when to shut up and when to talk...(lol) 

Ocean or Lake?: Ocean (I go for the real thing)

Rain or Snow?: Both (not at the same time tho!)

Hot or Cold? Umm...both

TV or Movie?: MoViE

CD or Radio?: Radio! 

Milk or Pop?: Both

Blonde or Brown?: Brown (or blonde i guess........)

Older or Younger?: Older

Fruit or Vegtable?: Fruit  

Brownies or Cookies?: Cookies

Shower or Bath?: Shower

Sunset or Sunrise?: Sunset (this way, you don't have to wake up so early! I'm so smart!)

Summer or Winter? Both

Hot or cold? Uhh both again (lol)

Dogs or cats? Well cats because I dont have a dog

Math or Science? Science

City or Country? City no wait.....both (:S)

TV or Computer? Computer (you could watch TV on your computer!)

Friday or Saturday? Friday

Magazine or Newspaper? Magazine!

Tests or Essays: Tests (I'm not the best speller and my teachers count off for that!)

Coloring or Drawing? Coloring

Internet or Phone? Both

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Sprite or 7up?  I don't really like either

Coke or Pepsi? Depends on what I feel like....but usually Coke

AM or PM?  PM  (i'm not much of a morning person...)

Purple or Pink?  PURPLE (but pinks a close second)

Pepperoni or Cheese?  Cheese please!

Popsicles or Ice cream? Both

Sneakers or flip flops?  Sneakers in the winter, Flip Flops in the summer

MSN or AIM? MSN (dont have AIM)

Braids or Pony tail?  Probably pony tail

Dorritos or Lays? Mmm....dorritos

Sugar or spice? Sugar

Burger King or McDonalds? Burger King

Playstation or Nintendo?  Neither (i like playin Mario on my Nintendo tho)

Soda or Juice? Soda

Shopping or Movies?  MOVIES

Parties or Sleepovers?  Parties (so afterwards I can crash)

Curly or Straight Hair?  Straight (I've always wanted spiral curls tho)

Fruit or Veggies?  Fruit

CD's or DVD's?  CD

Crayons or Colored pencils?  Colored Pencils

Lined or plain paper?  Lined (to keep my sentences on one straight line)

Blonde or Brunette? I'm blonde but Burnettes cool too

Ribbon or Scrunchi?  Scrunchi

Long or Short hair?  For boys it needs to be short, but for girls it doesn't really matter

Football or basketball?  ...to play?  Neither...to watch....Both  

Going to church or watching it on tv?  Well you might as well just go

Buh bye or Bye bye?  Neither....I say 'ttyl'

Regular pens or Gel pens?  Both

Shirts or sweatshirts?  both cause I love pull over sweatshirts

Winterfresh or Big red?  Big red - it looks good on yah

Chat Rooms or IMS ?  IMS

Long or short fingernails?  Both

Lip gloss or chap stick?  Lip Gloss

Love or hate?  Love

Black or White?  Both


Do You Want to Get Married Someday?: Yesh

Do You Think You Know Who You Want To Marry?: I'm 14...think about that question

Do You Want To Have Kids?: Yesh

If So, How Many?: 2 or so

How Many States Have You Been To?: like 3 or 4

Whats the First Thing You Do in the Morning?: Look at the time

***  R  O  C  K    O  N ! ! !  ***