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She Bangs!

William Hung from american idol!  Here's some comments from admierers!


*"His middle name is 'Is' ...heh..heh.." -Jessica
*"Wow what a sexy beast!" - Rachel
*"What!  No fair I didnt see that one!" - Katelyn
*"OH MY GOD!  He's so hot!" - Nicole
*"She bangs she bangs!  Ooh baby!  When she moves she moves!" -Jessica again 
*"10 is my baseball number from last year..." -Jason (really jessica just copied what he said and made him sound like a retard..)
*"Hahahaha!!"  -Nicole me again
Here's a link to hear his LIVE audition for American Idol!!

Click here quick!

She bangs, she bangs!  Oh baby, when she moves, she moves!  I go crazy cause she looks like a flower but she stings like a bee, just like every girl in history!!  She bangs, she bangs!